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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My entire tribe

Here's a group shot of my tribe. The huts, dead mammoth, trees, hills--uh, Everything except the animals and humans were scratchbuilt.
Click on the photo for a MUCH larger pic, so you can scroll around and explore the tribe.


  1. it was nice of them to gather for a group photo. They must not of developed the "it will steal our soul" mentality yet.

  2. No, they understand; I painted them, I already own their souls. Their's are mine to do as my whim dictates. "Yonder brute, Fight that mammoth; it will amuse me!"

  3. Amazing work!!!! Really nice stuff, I am quite blown away by your sculpting, I dabble with the odd cloak or two..but a slaughtered Mammoth, well thats just amazing.