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Saturday, September 5, 2009

20 years of painting

Back in August of 1989, I picked up a couple blisters of Citadel Rogue Trader Imperial Army figures as well as the then-relatively new plastic box set of multi-part Imperial Guard. After a couple days of assembly, and with my cheap, rough brushes, and Testors enamel paint I began my first night of painting. Looking back, those paint jobs were pretty bad- but dammit, I was proud of them!
I've since traded them away (to my high school buddy Brian for my Warhammer Empire fantasy army, which I still have and am currently repainting), but the painting continues! Since then, I've switched from enamels to acrylics, I paint many more makes of figure than just Games Workshop, my painting has improved, and I have began to convert figures and sculpt my own creations to paint.
It's been 20 years (with a four-year break for college) since I began my favorite hobby, and to help commemorate the occasion, I'm having my friend Charlie build me a new painting table based on my own design (with a few corrections, changes and additions of his own.) Here is a short chronicle of that hand-built venture.


  1. I'm interested to see how this looks when finished. It seems every painter has a different vision of the 'ideal painting table'.

    For instance if I had my way the wifes Piano would bite the dust and I'd use the space to.... in my dreams. Ho Hum.

  2. My desk-vision is mostly utilitarian; I gave a rough design to Charlie, and told him I wanted something stable and solid, and this is what we've come up with so far.
    The top will also have an L-shaped paint rack/tiers, so that I have easy access to all my paints; originally, I was going to have a paint rack across the entire back edge, but then I'd have to stretch across the table a bit, which is not really a problem until you start knocking over and chipping freshly painted minis as you lean over. So everything on this table has a reason or a function. The only part that won't have a function is the stained portion of the polyurethane (coming later); That part is just to make the desk a little prettier. Still, Charlie did a good job making a nice piece out of a practical design. Form follows function!