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Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting desk: Almost there!

The top is finished! But, dangit, it's just too rainy out to be staining the base. The new base (compared to the one pictured) is larger allowing space for a lamp and radio on the opposite side of the shorter section of the paint terrace, and allowing space on the right side of the top for ready-brushes and my water jar. There won't be as much space along the backside as seen in the pics.
I'm happy with it! All the paints I need without having to put them onto my work area; (most) of my supplies readily available out of the supply bins; Remaining supplies will have a shelf to sit on under the base.


  1. Holy S**t that is a lot of paint. something tells me you have more in the closet.

  2. Very nice job EC. I bet it doesn't stay looking as neat and tidy as that for long !

    BTW, I've added your blog to the Battle Reporter blogroll.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. EC, any chance of sharing the plans of the desk with the rest of the world? ;)

  4. I don't have much in the way of plans. I drew up quick dimensions for the top, which is separate from the actual table (so that I could move it to other desks/tables). All I told my buddy was that I wanted the top to sit about 40" tall. And I left it to him to design the table beneath the top.

    Though, now that I think about it, I think he modified the same plans he used for his own workbench- I know those plans are published; I'll have to do a bit of searching.

    Here are some quick dimensions, though: The overall size (thin MDF board) is 48" x 24". The paint rack/shelves (MDF) are 1" tall and 1.5" wide (which will accommodate almost every style of paint jar.) The tool wells (and sidewalls, made from 1/8" thin pine planks) are 3" from front to back, 3" deep, and about 6" wide; the original idea with the tool wells was to add plank across the top with large holes drilled in to hold my tools. But I found some old art (magic) marker holders, each which would hold 10 markers. They are about the right size to hold all my tools, so we just dropped them into the tool wells. That's why you'll see my tools standing upright.

    There's a wide area (about 8.5" wide) to the left of the paint racks that I reserve for my lamp and radio. And there's a smaller area (about 6") on the right corner (next to the paint rack) where I put my main water mug.

    That's all the main stuff I can think of right off. My main intent with the new table was to get it raised higher than my previous table. This allowed my to stand and paint at the same time (which I enjoy doing.) But I'm still able to sit (on a bar stool) when I want, while keeping the tabletop still relatively high. I also wanted the shelves for the paints, so that everything would be at hand. And I wanted it L-shaped so that everything was closer without having to reach across the table in both directions (so thought the table is 24x48", my actual workspace is only about 15x30".

  5. Thanks a bunch, that's a big help already - but if you happen to find those plans please let me know :) Then I have to change all the measurements to metric for my carpenter buddy :)