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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Games Workshop classic Empire crossbowman

Here's another random classic GW Empire mini I've painted up and based for display (or for skirmishing.) I've got a few of these Empire figures that just didn't fit into my 20-man regiment scheme, so I'm painting them up to display as a personal museum of some of my first figures (at least, the first figures I've kept through the years.) I also have a Tilean crossbowman who will be painted in classic Tilean colors (red and yellow), though, I'll have to find a decent yellow; I guess it only has to be close.


  1. nice, but the kick on that crossbow would knock a man into next week.

  2. The kick would knock down a normal man, but this man is made of lead! (And he's glued to a wide base for stability :)