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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Before and after: A repainted D&D goliath barbarian

I chose to do this particular figure for the purpose of practicing my sword-smithing. I cut off the old floppy plastic greatsword and replaced it with a custom-made falchion hammered out of brass rod on a small (jeweler's) anvil. One minor problem I was having as I hammered away was the flattened rod curling up. This was occuring because the head of my hammer is not flat (I think). I will be seeking out a new hammer with a flat head to it.
On the painting front, I tried the skin with a grayish blue base, but I think it turned out too blue for my taste. It's still better than the 5-cent Taiwan job done to it.
This is another figure for Jeff. I think he has one or two more- I'd like to try my hand at one of those. If you have one, this is actually a good beginner figure if you want to learn to paint. It has just enough detail, a touch of metal, some cloth, leather and fur and wrappings; but nothing is too small for a rookie brush here.
If you don't want to hammer out a new sword blade, this figure can also easily be converted to be swinging an axe, hammer or flail ... or pulling a jumbo jet for a strongman competition


  1. I wonder if you could flatten the head of your hammer on a whetstone or diamond hone.

  2. Really like the conversion of various figures into Goliaths. Great idea.