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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Painting desk: Day 4

Construction is done! Needs paint for the top unit and stain/polyurethane for the base. I've found some old (but sturdy) marker holders that fit my tools beautifully and can be dropped into the supply bin.


  1. what a beautiful desk. Looks heavy as well.

  2. It certainly is beautiful, and, oh yes, it IS heavy. The top is four layers of 1/2-inch MDF. Charlie based the construction off the same plans as his own workbench. But I wanted heavy so that the desk wouldn't move around while I painted. (I prop my hands and arms against my desk when I paint.)

  3. Do you tend to paint standing up, or do you have a stool that you'll be using?

    Looks great by the way! I'm jealous!

  4. I paint both standing and sitting. And I do have a stool and an old wobbly chair that each fit the new table.
    I had the table made high as a compromise, so that I can either sit or stand while I paint.