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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bloody Bradigan

 I had been working intently on the Qwik figures for almost a month; I needed a break. While surfing the web, I came across Bloody Bradigan. The pose struck me first. Here's a fighter with a "Can do" attitude! Then there were the chains, the broken bottle, the bully moustache. This was one of those rare figures that hit me at just the right time.

My local game store had one. I bought it. 48 hours later, I have his image posted here. It's difficult to see here, but the base is half stone (mostly covered in grass) and half plank. I wanted to write a little story with the figure and the base. The figure says, to me, "I'm an escaped convict." And the base I want to say "And I'm leaving town straight for the docks to reclaim my ship!" It's not a big story; it's not a big base either.

I added the sword (stolen during his escape). It's a leftover gladius from my 54mm gladiators.

I don't play Warmachine, so I think I will use Bradigan here as a D&D character, probably a brawler fighter, for those in the know.

I don't play Warmachine, but I may have to purchase some more of the Sea Dogs and press gangers. Lovely figures all. But I still have plenty of Qwik figures to keep me busy for the next couple weeks (I have vacation one of those weeks- and I'm staying home! Paint, paint, paint!)

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