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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Qwik 54mm: Macello Driver 2

Here's my second Macello driver. This was the first figure of the whole bunch that I started converting; he has a diverse array of garment, evidence of my experimentations with greenstuff and Sculpey as I searched out a "look" for the team.

Just one more driver for the Macellai, then on to the Dirt Dogs.

I also wanted to mention that I've been enjoying painting all of the metal of these figures with plenty of rust. It's an easy recipe: Some red brown, followed by a dark orange, and finally some silver - all of it stippled.

One thing I forgot to do was to make a mutant or two. I guess this will be reason enough to maybe later order a couple more BronzeAge generics to cut up and mutate -- a tentacle here, maybe an extra limb or two there. They'd be added to my pool of freelance players (of which I only have one now).


  1. Hi! I wish to inform you that I've nominated your blog for the BSA! :D

    Enjoy! :D

  2. Hi, I wished to do the same... :)
    Your blog is a real inspiration!! :>