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Monday, May 9, 2011

How to carry yourself

I was at Hobby Lobby today browsing around when I came across this little box for $5. I had been searching for a nice way of transporting my D&D character to and from gaming sessions and this fit the bill! I had plenty of extra foam from other figure cases, so it was just a matter of cutting the pieces (and getting enough to get a good thick layer of foam so that the figure wasn't rolling around) to fit this box.

It would be a little bit tricky, but I could lay out the foam differently to accommodate two figures (or even one 54mm figure.) For now, the box will be just for one figure at a time.

There's probably enough space to put a set of gaming dice in there, too (perhaps beneath the foam.)

A quick note on the photo: The figure is not stored in the box standing up that way. I just stood him up so you could see better that it was indeed a mini. Otherwise, you'd be staring at the bottom of a minis base.

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  1. Nice snag my friend .... would make a nice dice box as well !