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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green interlude: Reaper goblin

I'm painting the next two figures for my second Qwik team. In between drying layers, I would throw some paint on this little fellow who I found sitting lonely in a figure case. He's so small, it only took a few splashes of paint to finish him up.

I also wanted to a skin color slightly different from the cliched "goblin green." This skin is direct from Foundry's Drab triad (with a final highlight of Raw Linen C.) It still has a strong green base shade, but it is much lighter, which makes sense for a creature that spends its time out of the sun.

I can't remember what set (or the No.) he comes from, but I know for sure that he's a Reaper figure. I hope to use him as a D&D character in the future: A goblin raised by elves.


  1. Great paint job! I made a quick search and I found the set it comes from, it's 03077: Goblins II.