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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ordered Reaper's Jungle Lord

I just ordered Reaper's Jungle Lord through the Warstore. What I like about this figure is that I think he looks like a perfect Conan the Cimmerian, specifically, Conan as he appeared in the story "Tower of the Elephant." On top of my love of Conan figures, this figure will give me some more practice with my flesh palette.

The only worry I have is that this figure will have a feather in his hair, hidden in the one-sided photo (I've seen a couple Tarzan figures with a feather). Even THAT is really not a worry; I'd just need to file away the feather and add some greestuff to make new hair -- no problem. I may also remove the dead wood under his foot and base him on a dungeon floor base ... maybe. I guess a dungeon floor could have a little dead wood on the floor (from fallen beams or old furniture.)

The monkey? Well here's a great added bonus to purchasing this pack: He will become the newest member of my Tramp Steamer Crew. I had been looking to fill out their ranks, and I think the chimp will make an excellent addition. Every ship needs a mascot.


  1. That's an awesome depiction of a young Conan who is still a burglar. I think I might prefer a more traditional loincloth, or breeches to the tattered rag covering he has on. All in all it's a pretty effective choice!

  2. ... and I'm actually thinking about giving him a more "civilized" loincloth using a bit of greenstuff to repair the rags he's wearing.