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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Painting-Warmachine-is-a-bitch sort-of rant

It's slow going. I'm painting a couple Cryx items for a friend- a character and a mech (I don't play, so I couldn't tell you which ones they are, specifically.) All I know is that these are a bitch to put together and paint. There are no instructions on how to build'em, luckily they're designed well enough that you can just bumble into the correct construction (at least I managed to bumble correctly).

It's also a pain in the ass getting the primer to cover everything. My usual routine is to prime as many angles as I can, then finish up with a layer of paint or primer to cover the little nooks and crannies. That mech-beast-thingy has a grand multitude of nooks, and most only show up in specific lighting conditions. I'd start painting it, then turn it one way and -- sonofabitch.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I have all the spots covered now that would be seen by most people, but now I'm pissed at the piece for giving me so much grief, so I don't want to paint it right now, yet  I still have to get this thing finished because I'm getting paid for it. I'm glad I don't play Warmachine. Holy shit.

In other news:
I've been playing more games lately, as evidenced by my lack of painting. Mostly some good-old fashioned Red Sand Blue Sky (not old fashioned -- 2nd edition.) A little bit of Qwik. Work has also been busy, so I've been coming home tired, but I've also been enjoying a nice game of Yahtzee - I mean Delve: The Dice Game.

What is Delve: The Dice Game? WELL, if Yahtzee and Dungeons and Dragons met on, had a few dates, got drunk one evening and had some awkward first sex, and, a few weeks later, Yahtzee peed on a stick and noticed that it turned blue: That's because Delve: The Dice Game has been conceived. And since Yahtzee is a Catholic, she has decided to keep the baby. And that's a good thing; it's a fun game to play! Give it a try. You only need some D6 (about 12), a pencil and the play sheet. It's all free; you can find it here.

Ok, time for a little TV. And then maybe later, I can muster up some gumption to paint that goddamned Cryx atrocity on my painting table.


  1. Haha! Nice theory on the origins of Delve: The Dice Game... I'm DEFINITELY going to check it out now!

  2. I've played a couple games of it; it seems to be decently balanced. It's not too difficult to win, but it's not exactly easy.

    I enjoy it when I have 10 minutes to kill.