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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Low Life: My own fan sculpt

So I'm jazzed for the new Low Life RPG miniatures Kickstarter project. So much so, that I decided to make my own sculpt (not yet having read much of anything past the usual promo, and a bit about the races of Mutha Oith.) 

Among those races are the Tizn'ts which are combinations of different animals ("Tizn't a giraffe, and tinzn't a fish ...") so I made what I call a Tizn't Pack Slowg.

The Slowg is a great pack beast for Mutha Oithians, and is able to carry hundreds of pounds of gear. The only drawback to using a Slowg is that it is one of the slowest beasts around. In fact, you have to send it from a week to months ahead of your own departure time.

As well as three eyes to the front, the Slowg has an eye at the back of its body that can see into the future. That way, the Slowg knows a few days in advance (the time it needs) to start moving over to allow faster Oithians by. A Slowg also secretes a sticky goop along its path. Any Oithian dumb enough to step into this goop will find itself suddenly slowed and unable to pass the Slowg anyway; the Slowg rarely has to move over to allow others to pass.

No one knows why the Slowg has all those horns. Some surmise the horns are all for reproductive purposes, but that's only because someone once described (and someone else misunderstood) all Slowgs as being horny.

By the way: Have you visited the Kickstarter for Low Life minis yet? Have you pledged? Holy Crap, you haven't?! *subliminal* Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. *end subliminal*

Disclaimer: This isn't one of the available minis for the Low Life Kickstarter; this is my own personal sculpt done for the same reason everything should be done: Fun.