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Friday, August 31, 2012

For sale: SOLD

Both armies have been sold. Thanks for taking a look!

It's that time for me to make space in the apartment and make some bank in the process. I'm offering for sale a couple of my small Back of Beyond armies (all Copplestone sculpts.)

Price is $200 for each set (discounted if someone buys both sets together.) These are fully painted and based forces (and will come with the Chessex cases they're enclosed in.) Shipping is included in the price (U.S. addresses only.) First-come, first serve.

I've included a few pics to give you an idea of the level of painting. And no, these weren't painted or organized to historic standards; my original intent was to use these in pulp games. Send an email to evilcartoonist at yahoo if you're interested.

British Column

The British Column includes:
20 infantry
4 officers
2 Lewis gun teams (well, 3 gunners and one guy carrying the extra ammo.)
4 unpainted Sikhs
2 Rolls Royce Armored cars
2 converted armored car tenders
1 "Commmand" car
(All vehicles are Models of Yesteryear, die cast.)
- Chessex figure case included
- Shipping included in price

Bolshevik Army

The Bolshevik army includes:
20 infantry
10 Siberian rifles
2 officers
1 commissar
1 standard bearer
2 maxim guns and crews
1 cannon with crew
1 unhistoric scratchbuilt armored car (another Model of Yesteryear)

- Chessex figure case included
- Shipping included in price

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