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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Watercolor interlude

While I work on minis, here's a little art interlude for my readers. This goblin, inspired by those from the movie "Labyrinth," is done in watercolor and ink on a little 3"x5" card. 

The heart was done on request; a friend of mine's little daughter liked my art, so she asked if I could draw her a heart; no one told her I had a degree in medical illustration. Watercolor and ink, 5"x7".

The painting below is of my front yard (and was actually done a few months ago.) I do these because I usually have the itch to move around some watercolor paint. These are fun little pieces that help to loosen me up and let my brush fly. The goblin took about an hour, the heart about 30 minutes, and the landscape about two hours.


  1. Good stuff. Those Goblin design in Labyrinth blow my mind they're so awesome. Sweet work on the other ones as well, especially the heart.

  2. I enjoy watercolor paintings, and cartoon/caricatures take the cake. Nice job. And you've got to love a snotty goblin.