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Monday, January 14, 2013

Coming up next: A few more 42mm samurai

I dug out my 42mm samurai by Steve Barber and decided it was time for more. I'm ordering a few more peasants which will go to conversion city. I also picked up another of the newer unarmored samurais (advancing with katana) who I might convert into a ronin (file off the kataginu and add some wild hair maybe?)

Steve Barber doesn't have any new unarmored samurai just yet, but I'm sure there'll be some in the future. My plan is to eventually sell off my (42mm) armored samurai to fund a bunch of unarmored fighters, peasants and ninja as they become available; the armored samurai are still awesome, I just prefer a more Yojimbo-ish type of skirmish.

For those interested, I'm using the Red Sun, Black Moon ruleset by Two Hour Wargames. The rules are meant for fantasy gladiator matches, but work wonderfully for small (3 or 4 figures per side) skirmishes. And since these samurai and peasants have no armor, the skirmishes are a lot more of the one-and-done kind of bloody affairs (meaning you could probably add a couple peasants per side without adding too much more book-keeping.)

And for those whose ears perked when I mentioned I might be selling my armored samurai, If I sell them, they'll be sold as either one large set, or two smaller sets, and they sell for about the same price as I usually sell for ($200 to $300,probably on the higher side since there was a LOT of conversion work done on them.) But that won't be until much later -- unless someone suddenly offered me $1,000 for the bunch ... No? ... sure? ... Ok, just checking :)


  1. Very lovely work. I had no idea that 42mm was even a wargaming scale.

    1. I remember reading somewhere why some miniatures are sculpted in this scale (Irregular also has a few ranges in 42mm.) I think 42mm is either very close to (European) "O" guage railroading (1/43 scale), or it matches some traditional toy soldier size (or both).

      But it's definitely a niche scale. I chose it for these samurai because I wanted some samurai larger than 28mm so it would be easier to paint and convert them, but I didn't want to pay $50 per figure at 54mm. Steve Barber's figures were the perfect solution for me: 42mm, and about $5 to $6 per figure.

  2. HA HA HA I WISH. Seriosly though, your samurai are awesome. I really wish I could afford that.

    I'm actually hoping one day to sculpt my own small warband of Ronin for skirmish gaming. One day.

  3. Out of curiosity, having painted a fair few oriental figures lately, what is your flesh mix for these guys? It's nice.

    1. Take this recipe (an older blog post):

      ... and replace the base shade (Khardic Flesh) with Foundry Dusky Flesh Light 6c. I also omit the highlight of Foundry Flesh light (and even sparingly use the Elf Flesh.)

      A simpler way to explain it is to take your own caucasian flesh recipe and replace the base coat with a light warm brown.

  4. Very nice look and great paint .