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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Machinas: Sun Up and Sun Down

From left, Sun Up and Sun Down
The Running Nomads, a group of black marketeers who operate among the nomadic towns to the north, operate a fleet of around a dozen cars, including these two, known as Sun Up and Sun Down.

Sun Down was the first car built, before the Running Nomads
started cutting the cabs all the way down to the body.
While the majority of the Nomad's vehicle fleet is kept in the north to do business, the gang also does business with the further flung reaches of the Known Wasteland. In order to get contraband to those areas, the Nomads stripped down four cars, re-engineered and rebuilt the bodies to have low weight and a high cargo capacity, fitted them with fast engines, and ran the cars ragged. (For a relatively recent counterpart, imagine these cars as the post-apocalyptic version of the original moonshine runners that would eventually evolve into Nascar cars.)

Sun Up is run so often, the paint is almost completely peeled away.
The Nomads will repaint it soon, at this point.
The original four cars were called Sun Up, Sun Down, Afternoon and Dark Soul. The cars would be sent out on fast runs during the time of day they were named for (Sun Up for the morning, Sun Down for the evening, Afternoon for the afternoon, and Dark Soul for late night). When one car arrived at its destination, a second car resting at the destination would speed off in return carrying trade, currency, messages etc. In this way, the four cars would run a near constant (if limited) relay and supply line.

Afternoon, right, now belongs to the Seven Hills Circus faction.
Afternoon and Dark Soul would eventually be captured by The Church. Afternoon was sold to the Seven Hills Circus who repainted the car and race it. Dark Soul still rests in the Church garage while the Vestal Mechanics learn about its ingenious engineerings built by the Nomads.

Sun Up and Sun Down still race to and from the north, carrying contraband, stolen supplies and fuel.

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