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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Machinas WIP: Still working on Sun Up and Sun Down

Yes, those straight pipes are big- but that's OK- I wanted them to look imposing.
I usually pump these cars out in a couple of days, but I got sidetracked by a great weekend with friends including playing Zombicide for the first time, resulting in my backing Season 2 (an hour before the Kickstarter deadline.) Great game- not deep, but with a group, it was a lot of simple fun. It's also difficult to find a miniatures game that my friends enjoy- they loved this one.

Anyway, as you can see, the cars are constructed -- actually, they are also primed (I just hadn't taken a photo yet) -- and are almost done. It shouldn't take too long to paint them since I'm keeping the schemes simple: Sun Up (the Fairlane) will be either  a desert yellow or (probably) an orange or brown, and Sun Down (The Mercury) will be black with dark blue highlights. Then, of course, chrome, rust and dust on top of that.

I angled the stovepipes on the Mercury for a couple reasons: To give it a little more "speedy" appearance, but also to lower the profile so I can store the car better in foam - Pretty AND practical!

I was at Walmart and picked up a little impulse purchase, this little '33 Ford hot rod. The guns are my usual construction, along with some plasticard armor for the driver. I used green stuff for the fairing piece behind the driver. I also added a little bedroll with some leftover greenstuff -- That's something to consider, especially if you're doing post-apoc conversions: Leftover green stuff can easily be sculpted into little bundles, bags, or bedrolls, so don't let it go to waste. The other thing I do with leftover green stuff is to roll it into long strings or rods. The strings make decent cables, and the rods I can either cut into discs (for drum-fed machine guns) or make into small fuel tanks (like for a flamethrower.)

I'm not sire what color this little guy will be. Since it was an impulse buy, I don't even have an idea for a background. So I'll sit him on the back burner until I come up with a background, which, in turn, will help me decide on a color scheme.

This little hot rod is my first car that is of the "Sports car" class. In Machinas, there are several classes. They are Motorcycle, ATV, Sports Car, Sedan, Pickup, SUV, RV, Bus, and Big Rig. Keep in mind, you'll need a little more space if you play with the larger vehicles. Some vehicles might fit into more than one category, in which case, just choose the closest fit. (For example, I have a 59 Chevy Delivery wagon that I'll probably class as an SUV, though it would also be fine in the Sedan class.)

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  1. That hot rod is quite nice, and gives a good spread of "time" and size to the range.