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Monday, April 1, 2013

Post-Apoc film: Undying

From the Kickstarter; this is NOT a still from the movie, which has
not yet been made.

There's a Kickstarter for  a short indie film called "Undying" which takes zombies in a different direction. Watch the KS video; they explain it pretty good.

The writer is a co-founder of Wasteland Weekend (for the uninitiated, it's a big Road Warrior fair/party/festival/donnybrook) and the visual effects guy has worked on a few high-profile movies (Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings.)

Anyway, take a look. I'm sure the film isn't going to be a big Oscar contender, but it still looks like it will be a lot of fun: Undying Kickstarter.


  1. Great work!

    I am running a volunteer program with the local Boys and Girls Club for summer camp this year.

    We plan to repaint about 100 vinyl type dinosaurs.

    I see you prime with black acrylic paint.

    Was the primer manual or air brushed on?

    Also the kids will be hand painting their own color patterns onto the dinos. Would you also recommend acrylic paint for this operation?

    Most grateful for any info you can provide.


    Tim Irwin

    1. Hi, Tim
      I used craft acrylics and simply brushed on a coat of black. Acrylic craft paint should work fine with the patterns, too. Though, some of the paints are thinner and may require more than one layer.

      You could also brush the priming layer in white instead of black, alleviating any coverage issues for thin colors.

      You might prime the day before. Acrylic dries fast, but I like to let the first layer dry and set before going on with painting.

      For some ideas on patterns, I'd have the kids look at pictures of other animals- not just snakes and reptiles, but also birds and even mammals.