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Monday, November 11, 2013

Machinas: A day at the races

This isn't an AAR, just a few photos I took to show off all the new cars in action. This sequence illustrates a typical day during the Machinas Festival.
In the morning, as crowds begin to gather in the infield of the Seven Hills Track, the Vestal Mechanics run final checks of the Infernals to be used in the day's races during the Machinas Festival.
Oak Street priest and Brother Pilots confer about rules and strategies before the cars are rolled out of the garage.

The Artifex Rex blesses the Infernals and their Brother Pilots, and gives the command to "Fire the engines!"
Crew chiefs walk alongside the Infernals and see them out of the infield and onto the starting line.

The Infernals are off and the Brother Pilots are instantly blessed with glory. All praise to The Oppenheimer!

... And here's a bonus shot of Colonel Jack's Special taking a break in the Unknown Wasteland:


  1. Absolutely great and very atmospheric!

  2. beautiful machines and splendid pictures !
    Bravo !

  3. Man... I really need to figure out how to put in backgrounds like that. It makes all the difference! Great stuff!

  4. WOW - they look fantastic.

    Thanks for posting the images.


  5. Great little set up- really liked that.



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