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Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Zombicide survivors

Here are the remainder of my survivors for Zombicide (Season 2.) From left to right, we have Ralph, Kirk and Aunt Rose, who stands ready to bake anything to make us happy.

Oh man, the details were so tiny again, but still well-defined and easy(er) to paint. I have a nice motley group of survivors now, ready to take on the hordes. I'd like to get the base game (Season 1) to have yet even more survivors (as well as more mission variety), but I commissioned Steve Barber a few weeks back to sculpt me another samurai, so I need to save a little money. (That samurai is going to rock, though; it's multipart!)

For now, I can store most of my survivors in a small Chessex box, which fits into one Zombicide box along with everything else from Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall. I'll need to thing of an alternative when I get the remainder of my survivors (I have eight more coming for a total of 23.) Even this Chessex box isn't enough- I have one figure not shown here (the lady in yellow.) I'll figure something out. Maybe I can find some kind of custom Battlefoam.


  1. Nice work on these. It's a fun game, and when the figs are painted up, it adds a whole new dimension.


  2. great stuff I love the Gran with the flame thrower

    1. It's no Granny, it's Jessica Fletcher, I wrote :D

  3. need more cheap storage? check this KS: