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Monday, November 18, 2013

Post Apocalyptic highway

I found some more VFF suede in the color I like at my local fabric shop, so I picked it up to make a new highway board/mat for my new 1:32 scale Machinas cars.

I used duck tape to mask off the edges of the highway (adding an intersecting road for variety and the possibility of using the mat for skirmish/After the Horsemen games.) I used a large brush and craft acrylic paint to lay down the gray pavement first. I stippled the color unevenly instead of laying down an opaque block of color because I wanted the road to look old and weathered.

Next, I roughed in all the road markings, oil spots and a set of light skid marks. Off the road, I added some patches of dull green for light vegetation.
This was all followed up with the big brush and some light brown/tan paint to add layers of dust over the everything.

The paint is still wet right now (it only took me an hour and some change to do this much). I'll give it 24 hours to dry, then I may add some details such as cracks in the road (I need to do some research first) and maybe a few grass tufts coming up through the cracks.

I kept the road narrow for my 1:32 cars; I did this so that I could also use the highway for 1/64 (Hot Wheels) cars or 1/43 (28mm) cars and figures. I left space on either side of the highway for terrain, buildings, ruins, or the infield of the Circus Acceleratus. I didn't think about it until it was too late, but I could have moved the road over and had enough space for a Qwik field. No biggie.

This weekend, I also took apart some electric motors and have pieces enough for some more scrap piles. I have some other projects going on (painting Bones for Jeff, doing a Machinas AAR which I may redo on the new mat, and  painting a few random other figures), so I put the scrap piles off to the side for now.


  1. Hi there !
    I'm french (sorry) and i don't know what's VFF ?
    Can you tell me 'cause your roads looks real good with that stuff.
    Thanks in advance :)

  2. I don't know what the "VFF" is either. That's how it's labelled at the store.
    But it's an imitation suede with a cloth backing/padding on one side.

  3. Allow me to say to you that you have realized a great work in this project pos apocalyptic!!! Congratulation for the result.

    A greeting.

  4. VFF = Valley Forge Fabrics, it's a mill or fabric company. Trade brand-name.