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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Qwik: Vestal Mechanic drivers

Here are the other two drivers for my Vestal Mechanics qwik team. One is much more sensibly armored, featuring an enclosed helmet and plenty of padding (all made using green stuff.) The other leans more toward a more decorative style. I like her blue skin, which is not unprecedented in my post-apoc collection.

In fact, in my collection, I think I have, besides white folks, brown, blue, green, and gray skins as well. I think I will go gray for my chain player. I was thinking of making the last player red, but I'm also thinking that in the future, if I do another team, their primary color will be red, and I don't want any confusion with earlier teams.

In the background fluff, the skin colors are simple mutations; everyone is still human.


  1. They both look awesome. Though the Blue skinned chick is my favourite of the four done so far.

    1. I like her, too, though my soon-to-be-posted grayskin is also nice. Not as colorful, but just as exotic.