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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Qwik: Not safe for work .. nope, probably not.

Here's the first of my Vestal Mechanics qwik team. This one is the least practically armored, but the most Brom-inspired of the bunch.

I decided to go simple three-color layering with these to see what they look like. I like it. I'm not saving much time by skipping a couple extra middle shades I usually apply, but the three-layer Foundry flesh makes things simple.

I have a couple more players started, but I'm not sure if I'll finish them anytime soon. I should have had the whole team finished by now, but Zombicide stuff sidetracked me.

Edit: I guess I had the qwik further along than I thought because I just finished her after another 20 minutes of work. She is outfitted just like a Brother Pilot (as Vestal Mechanics, in order to fulfil their duties, are also ordained drivers.) Though, she differs from a brother pilot's uniform with the addition of color (in this case, indicating her team colors.)


  1. Superb job on both of these. Look forward to seeing the rest of the team and cheerleaders!

  2. It's okay, we can always shovel the line about "oh she doesn't need armour, she gets an AC boost from the extra Dex."... It's worked for decades of ridiculous female adventuring outfits, hasn't it? ;)

  3. Amazing work as usual! I really like the quasi-harlequin pantaloons on the one 'lass'.