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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flashpoint Fire Rescue firefighters

I followed up the end of the Zombicide kickstarter by painting some of my leftover survivors, so I figured I'd follow up the end of the latest Flashpoint Fire Rescue kickstarter by finishing up my firefighters.

This is the full set offered in the Extreme Danger box set. The very first figure, I tried painting using my regular style, but the more realistic style just didn't fit the cartoon style of the sculpts. So I simplified and did flat colors. The black got a dark gray highlight and I may have done layers here and there, but for the most part (the HAZMAT technician is a big exception), I only applied one layer of color. I did, however, weather the figures with a drybrushing of tan once they were all painted. I think they turns out great, and I can't wait to get them back into action.

I'm not sure if I want to colorize the bases. I have the slip-on, color-coded rings, but I'm afraid those will strip the paint off the bases. I think the sculpts are unique enough for each player to pick his own out of the crowd. My figures from the original set do have colorized bases, since they are all the same sculpt.

The newer figures all fit into a small Chessex figure case with space left over for three of the older figures (in case more people want to be just generalists.) The Chessex case fits nicely into the box with space enough for counters and rule books. I have all my map boards in the expansion box (with not too much space to spare.) Everything I need for a fun night of firefighting is all in two boxes. Semper vigilans!


  1. They look rather fun models and you've given them a damn fine paint job too.

  2. Those are excellent. No idea what the game is though!

    1. Flashpoint: Fire Rescue is a fun little cooperative game in which the players fight fires and search burning buildings for survivors. Good game for the family. There are also several map and rule expansions for the game.

  3. Great work! The game will look amazing!

  4. These are amazing. I just bought this game a month ago and would love to have the mini figures painted like these. Would you be willing to paint them again for $$? If so, do you have an email to contact you for further collaboration? Thanks!

  5. Oh man I’d be interested in the offer if I had the time; my wife and I are in the middle of painting Hate ... and Conan, and Okko, and etc 😆
    The FP figures are easy to paint if you have the equipment/paints. There is a specific method however I use to prime: First spray with Army Painter primer. Next, paint on a coat of Delta Ceramcoat black (yep, a craftpaint, but make sure it’s this brand.) Then paint as usual. If you have any more questions, you can email me at cccerra at gmail.