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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Samurai: Swordsmen and gangs

Here are the last of my samurai for a while. One is one of the newer unarmored bandits. I've given him a paint job with plenty of red in it after deciding to put together a samurai gang based around the color (see below.)

This figure took a little bit of conversion work to finish. First, he has received a new head (that of a mad man; who better to lead on of the gangs?) I pounded out a nodachi for him and sculpted a new hand so that his hold is correct. The pose works great! (And yes, that's a head on the ground near his feet.) I went with some improvisation on the designs of the kimono and haori, but making sure there was red in the scheme (yep- leader of the Red Gang.)

These will be the last of the samurai figures for while (unless I come into some more money to commission some more, or manage to clear out a bunch of other minis -- By the way, my 42mm bushi are still for sale.) These gangs have almost doubled the size of my samurai collection, which remains my favorite.

The Collection

Here are my Edo gangs and all of my other factions for partaking in small skirmishes. The peasants can be used to beef up the gangs or to combine with the monks for a nice-sized Ikko Ikki gang.

The Red Gang

The Pretty Boys
The War Veterans

The Peasants, led, by a couple of priests

Every samurai collection needs some monks.

Lord Hiroto and retainers
The ronin
An older photo, but I still love my ninja.