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Friday, July 4, 2014

Pulp hero

Nothing major, just a random figure I pulled from the lead mountain. This is a Copplestone figure from his Back of Beyond Range; I believe it's from the Russian Sailors Command, but I painted him to just be a random hero/character to add to my collection of pulp figures.

The new samurai are all primed. Everything has been moving slow because I've also been working heavily with my 2D art (pen and ink, and watercolors.) But the samurai will certainly get painted.


  1. That's some excellent looking figure! I especially like the reddish brown of his jacket.

  2. A wonderful paint job on a marvellous sculpt. While a 'military' figure he certainly translates well to a pulp adventurer.

  3. Lovely colours on that jacket! Do you have any "Pulp Figures" stuff from Bob Murch? I'm not a super fan of his sculpting style but the collection of pulp era characters he's done are fantastic!

    1. I don't have any of Bob's stuff. I don't mind his style, but when I first started into Pulp, it was between Copplestone and Pulp Figures (since neither really fits with the other.) They were both somewhat limited ranges at the time. I went with Copplestone because I think his sculpting style is easy to paint -- realistic sculpts without being overly detailed. He also had a paleontologist at the time (and I was reading about Roy Chapman Andrews who adventured in the "Back of Beyond."

      But I love the shear variety Bob offers now -- monks, boxers, mounties, mad scientists, "weird" menace, etc.