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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zombicide: Survivor with mojo

Here's a painted copy of Thiago I managed to snag. I kept with thew 60s/Austin Powers theme and painted him up with some godaweful pastel flowers. Green pants and white accents complete the tacky ensemble.

The face was difficult; the figures are tall, but the faces seem tiny and the detail a touch flat -- at least on this figure. I may go back and see what I can do to fix it. I also find it a little difficult to paint around those glasses. Still, the overall effect of the figure turned out fine for me.

The pattern is actually quite easy. I first painted the base color of the shirt (storm blue.) Then I chose some good Easter/pastel colors and painted the flower petals -- there was no pattern to laying them out, just start filling up space on his shirt. Then I did the flower centers with either a bright orange or a light blue. Finally, I painted random tiny splotches of light green to fill in those random areas where I couldn't fit small enough flowers.

I may do a few more figures with heavily patterned shirts to add to Thiago and my Joshua as a team for some  pvp action.

(Note: In keeping with the Austin Power's theme, I also painted the gun silver after I took this photo.)

A couple priming notes

So I found some of my Zombicide figures to be a little tacky. I'm not sure if they had been figures I used a different primer on (Army Painter) or if the figures had a slightly different plastic recipe or what, but I brushed on some acrylic sealer, and that seemed to do the trick.

This latest pair (I also have a Kyoko) also turned up a little tacky after priming with the usual Testors Flat Black, but it has also been a humid day, so that could also be a major factor.
In any case, after priming, once the primer has dried as dry as it will go, a layer of brushed-on acrylic paint (or sealer) usually solves the problem. I will also try a a thin layer of dullcote over a test figure to see if that helps. But first, i have to wait for the humidity to go down (It's been bad lately.)


  1. "That's not a man...that's the undead baby!" You've captured the perfect shagadelic quality there. Great paint job :)

  2. Great work as ever.

    I always enjoy stopping by this blog. :)

    1. And I always try to have something new as often as I can :)

  3. That just looks awesome! I've people say similar stories about tacky mini's with various primers etc At least the sealer is sorting out for you.

  4. Lovely... although... My eyes!!! :)

  5. That's one hell of a shirt dude! Insane baby!