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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zombicide: The end "was" near!

This figure actually started out as Padre Johnson from the Adrian Smith guest artist box. I wanted the box for the other figure (Bones,) but for the price, I was certainly going to find a use for that other figure, which I didn't much like.

It didn't take much to come up with the idea of the sandwich board. The conversion was also quit easy: I simply cut a couple rectangles out of plasticard, scored it with an awl, glued it on the body (the boards are held in place with green stuff,) and finally adding the straps which were made with twisted twine.

Both sides of the board have a layer of dust/grime at the bottom and the backside of the board is faded; it's meant  to represent a momento of Johnson's previous job. And the meaning of the phrase on the front? Usually, the cliche phrase on a crazy guy's sandwich board is "The end is near!" Well, the zombie apocalypse came. Thus, "(I) told you so."

So, instead of almost becoming a throw away figure, Johnson (I've dropped the "Padre") has been added to the ranks of my favorites figures (shown below.) These are my favorites based on look alone -- I haven't played enough to know which of these figures has the best skills or combinations or what not -- I'm an artist, I like something that looks cool. Bones, the other figure in this box set, I think will also get added to my "favorites" selections.


  1. Awesome, because everything is!

  2. funnily enough is one of the best characters gameplay wise as well!

  3. Great conversion and very funny.

  4. Ha, I should make a set like this as the player tokens for "Zombies!!!" What a great little group of weirdos.

  5. Is the third from the left "The Dude" from the Big Lebowski? If so: how cool is that?

    1. It IS the Dude! They also offered a Walter figure, and I must have been kicked in the head by a horse because I didn't get him when I had the chance. And I'm regretting it.

  6. Great conversion, though I really like the original Padre model