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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Zombicide: Seemingly random figures

So what makes this little random assortment of my Zombicide figures significant? These are the last five figures of my entire collection finally painted! Now, I have to wait for my Season 3 stuff to arrive.

All five of these figures are actually zombivors. I don't play using zombivors -- or, when I do, I simply keep using the original survivor figures. Instead, I chose some of the less "zombified" zombivors and simply painted them up as extra survivors for use in Zombicide as well as other zombie/post-apoc games (All Things Zombie, After the Horsemen, Zed or Alive.)

The remaining figures, I painted up in the gray monochrome and dropped them into the general population. The white ring is to identify these grays as VIP walkers; I figure I'd give them a little extra street cred for having been demoted.

I'm starting to get used to the Vallejo skin palettes I've settled on. My usual style is bright and bold, and it works great for my Zombicide survivors to help them contrast against the monochrome hordes. But I also like a more toned-down, realistic look to figures, and the Vallejo skin palette has helped me tone down some of the other colors as is seen in figure in the center of the photo. I'll try to give both color styles some equal brush time in the future.

Now, I can't wait for the next batch of Zombicide!


  1. Great looking minis! I love the contrast.

    1. Thanks, James; my Zombicide Season 3 Rue Morgue box arrived a few weeks ago, and I'm getting those survivors painted up, too. I'll have more than I'll ever need to play some Zed or Alive.
      I've been pondering doing some 1/43 cars for this bunch :)

  2. That's awesome! That is one nice thing, anyone who picked up Zombicide pretty much already has all the minis necessary for ZoA! And I'd definitely recommend picking up some cars, the diecast ones work great for 28mm and are a lot of fun to weather up and modify.