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Monday, February 16, 2009

First Ghostbuster is done, finished, complete!

Here's the first of four. The ecto goggles turned out nice. The other figures will be nice, especially those toting around extra equipment (traps, cable etc.) I also need to paint the traps and a few ghost before I can play a session of the game I wrote up for the figures.

Note the patch on the left arm. Also, I painted the name tag over the left breast pocket area (instead of the right as in the movie); the figure has a triangle sculpted on the right side which would have been difficult to file into a rectangle. But a rectangular shape was sculpted on the left side, so I made the simple adjustment.
The straps for the proton pack (over the shoulders) were simply painted on- nothing was modeled or sculpted.


  1. excellent... we want more... and they want... A CAR !

  2. Hi,

    Just letting you know that you've been featured in our round up of the best miniature related blog posts of the week:


  3. Wow! You sir, are a devoted fan! FYI: Pillsbury made a 6 inch tall squishy plastic Doughboy toy years and years ago. Maybe you can find it on eBay.