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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ghostbusters completed

It took a couple weeks, but they're done!


  1. These guys are stunning! I would love to field them in a game of Necromunda..

  2. Thanks, Monty! Yeah, I did these guys to see if I could model some proton packs; But I've thought of some different rule sets to try. So far: Tusk (Wessex); Chain Reaction (Two Hour Wargames); 5150 (THW); Spacehulk (GW)(Don't know why I thought of that one); and Scudbusters (Wessex). I hadn't thought of Necromunda.
    The other rulesets I liked because they each have a decent level of solitaire play.

  3. Hey Carmen! I really love your miniatures! Do you do commission work? I know it's terrible to ask you this way, but I couldn't find your email address! Can you drop me a line? I collect miniatures in my spare time and am writing a Comedy RPG game!

    (I'm a college student - a married and boring guy who LOVES to play with toys! haha)

    Is there ANY way we could talk through email about your Ghostbusters figures?

    My email addresses are: and

    PLEASE drop me an email!

    Thanks, and I will be checking your blog daily from now on!


  4. I've had this blog bookmarked for a long time and wanted to do this conversion of the Ghostbusters minis for an upcoming Savage Worlds Ghostbusters game. I finally did it! Thanks for the great tutorials! Here's what I did.

    The work in progress...

    And the final minis...

    I couldn't have done this with ya Evilcartoonist! THANKS!

    1. Awesome! Those look great. I'm glad my ideas worked with good results for someone else.

    2. Thanks again! Your instructions were perfect!