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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ghostbusters conversion completed

They're converted! Now they need some primer and some paint. I had some uncured greenstuff leftover when I realized I needed a Slimer. So I sculpted him up (a couple days ago, actually) and searched the bits box for a pair of suitable arms. The traps were nice and easy: wood and cured rods of greenstuff. The leftover greenstuff I had made for the cables, I coiled up with traps and stowed on a couple of the figures. Everything turned out nice, I think! I hope I don't foul it all up with crappy painting :)

Just a minor note: I made all those traps because I will be using these figures in a game I wrote up (using Tusk as a basis.) Sorry, since the rules are close to Tusk which is still on the market, I can't share.

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