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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Proton packs: Wires and cables began

I've started with wire bundles and added a cable (you can see it in the photo on the pack furthest right). Oh, and the packs are put together. Still have to build guns/wands/colliders -- whatever they're called -- the business end of the whole deal.
Then I have yet to mount the packs on minis, and prime and paint.
As you can see in the pics, the packs are not perfect copies of one another. I've decided that's ok; at least they have the "feel" of a proton pack.


  1. I would prefer big guitar cord or some electric wire for the tube going from the pact to the hand of the guy. But that s just me.

  2. I was meaning pack, and I forgot to say that the packs already looks cool )

  3. I chose the thicker greenstuff for the cable to the gun because there are other wires even smaller that I will be placing on the pack. For the smaller wires, I will use some spare wire I have from a hot foam cutter. Perfect for wiring, but too small for the gun cable.

    But guitar wire would be nice; I'd use it if I wasn't in such a hurry (I'd have to order some) :)
    How thick is guitar wire? It would need to fit in a hole with a diameter of between 1/32 and 1/64 of an inch. I may get some to try for other projects.

  4. I would say from less than a milimeter, maybe half a milimeter to as big as 2 milimeters ? They are in another room and I m a lazy man. Inches ? I thought it was just a wargames move and fire distance unit, never know it can be used for anything else... ;)