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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Heresy Big Boris/Conan conversion

It's gonna be hard for me to top this conversion for a while (if I can pull this one off that is.) Again, I've gone with a Big Boris from Heresy It's just a great figure to convert since it has just enough options to give me what I need.

The first change I wanted to do was to take the sword off his shoulder and have him holding it point to the ground (I DO like the sword rested on the shoulder- it's a fantastic I'm-a-casual-barbarian-who's-gonna-varnish-the-floor-with-your-brains pose, but I wanted to do a nice cliche I'm-standing-here-looking-glorious-upon-a-rock-with-my-cape-flowing pose.) I also made this change because the sword would have gotten in my way when I came to sculpting the hair; I'm still a beginner and don't want to sculpt around other stuff just yet.
The first thing I had to do was switch out the hands; I can't rotate the whole sword hand to the position I want because that would leave the hand in the wrong orientation. Instead of swapping the hilt and blade of the sword, I simply used the hand on the axe (along with most of the axe handle). If you look at the picture below, the parts highlighted in green is what I will use. The stuff in red is what I'll cut away. The bottom of the current axe handle is where I will connect the top of the sword.

And below are all the parts I will be using (only the greenstuff long, Conan hair is not shown; I haven't made it yet.)

AND here is the figure, after some drilling and pinning, dry-fitted. It all fits! I think this is going to work. I can hardly wait! Yes, he'll get a head. He'll also be getting that long, flowing cape from my previous green stuff cape post. I will also give him a long loin cloth flowing in the wind- it won't be as wildly whipping as the cape, but it will help add to the illusion of wind.

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  1. That is awesome! I always considered all of those figurines stock. I never would have thought of dismantling them and starting over. (And Boris would be pissed if he saw what you were doing to him.)