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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Repainted D&D Umber Hulk

Yep, more repainted D&D figures. I have quite a few to do. I do look forward, however, to painting up another Big Boris from Heresy. I have a couple on the way, one of which will become yet another Conan. Sure, I like Conan, but this will also give me more practice with green stuff.
I also picked up a couple clay pusher tools since every sculptor and his mother has said these are the best tools on God's green Earth for sculpting God's green stuff.

This Umber Hulk (shown before and after) has actually been drybrushed ochre with a sepia ink wash. So, Jeff, it's an Ochre Hulk, now. Not much changed with this repaint; the wash and blacklining is a little more even, and there's some better-defined texture on the chitin. It's a beast I'd put on my gaming table for sure, so I'm giving this one a "B." Can I grade my own stuff?


  1. Curly, That ochre hulk isn't quite as dark (re: evil) as an umber hulk, it might make a difference in it's likelihood to attack. The yellow hue may have consequences in it's courage!! :)

    Judge Bean

  2. Well, Judge, our Dungeon Masters aren't very friendly, and this figure is for them. I figured it might give the boys some courage of their own when they see that they are about to face the Happy Ochre Hulk :)