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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rackham Confrontation wizard continued

Here's another couple pics of the Rackham wizard showing the work on the tabard. I still like this burnt orange combination and might use it on another miniature which is currently on its way to me in the mail (Reaper's Deckard nightveil, death priest). I know, I know: Deckard would "work" better with a dark palette, but I want something different, something bright, something that makes this figure say, "I'm SO badass that I don't need dark colors to indicate my badassidness." Like a tough guy who wears pink. That's not a final decision yet; that choice will be between the burnt orange and a bright red. Maybe I'll have a change of heart. I'll have a better idea when I have that figure in hand.


  1. OK, I'm all for a large helping of "suspension of disbelief" in fantasy games, but how the hell is he holding that giant tome that way, and why is he showing off what's on its pages???


    I do like the precarious stack of accoutrements, though.

  2. Magic, of course! :) Maybe he's holding up a Playboy magazine?