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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Repainted D&D Chain golem

And here's the other titan figure I finished today. Again, nothing special done here.
I tried to do the figure with some steel/silver colors, but it was looking like the original figure. So I added some rust effects, and this is how it turned out. Meh- not bad.
I think to do a proper rust effect, I'd have to go in close and stipple the rust colors on, but this is a LARGE figure, and I think the effect would be better than it is, but only marginally when viewing from a tabletop distance. So I kept it as is shown here.

I threw in a detail shot of the floor. This was painted directly on the original flat base. A few sketched-on highlights helps the illusion of three dimensions. I've also threw on a couple washes of ink to "stain" the floor. I've done this to a couple figures lately, and I like the weathering effect it creates. I don't know about other inks manufactures, but GW's inks are nice to work with and dry to a matte finish.

I also think the cracks in the floor are pretty sweet (in my best show-and-tell voice.)

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