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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heresy Big Boris/Conan conversion 3 (plus bonus caped fighter)

Movin' right along! The hair is in place. Not my best effort; it doesn't have that wind-swept look to it, but at least it looks like it's moving. Otherwise, figure conversion is complete! Woo-hoo! Tomorrow, I'll prime, and I'll hopefully get to painting early Friday. I'm on vacation (staying at home), so I have time. I think I can get this figure completely done by the end of the weekend.

And below is actually my second try at a cape using my cap jig. This cape turned out a bit slender and long. It still worked, so I put it on a random fighter (one who would look good with a cape anyway.)

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  1. Thanks for the new word; I'd never heard "cur" before :-).