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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rackham Confrontation wizard (and familiar) finished!

(click for larger pic)

Well, alrighty then; I've finished the wizard. I also had a little time to throw some paint on a dragon familiar for the wizard. I used the same burnt orange on the belly of the familiar to tie it with the wizard. After doing a few D&D repaints and a massive barbarian figure (all of which were fun to do), it was nice to settle down and take a few extra minutes to do something a little nicer.
Now I'm waiting for my cleric figure to arrive.
I'm also thinking about getting a new camera. I think the CCD in mine has gone bad; I have a dark spot in all the images. I actually Photoshop the spot out of all my pics; that is why I continue to use this backdrop- it's easy to use the clone tool to cover up dark spots, rogue hairs and other debris. And, so far, it's been easy enough to compose the photos around the spot.
Still, a new camera would be nice, especially one where I can control the f-stop/aperature settings. I'll have to spend a little more -- maybe not -- I'll have to shop around. Worst case: I'll get another Canon Powershot. This little guy has worked well for me for casual shots of minis, I just want to kick it to the next level BAM!

Ah what the hell; here's a couple more shots:


  1. I like the grass with the dragon... very prickly looking! :)

  2. This is really awesome! Very fine detailed work!