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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bases: Trying something slightly different

My usual routine is to finish painting the figure then finish the base. This makes since if the base is going to be flocked; I tried painting a figure after flocking once, and I had a helluva time picking pieces of static grass out of my paint.

The bases for my paranormal investigators, however, are mostly drybrushed, but it's difficult to do an adequate job of drybrushing around a figure without accidentally whipping up a bit of paint on feet and legs. So I've painted the bases of the figures first this time around. Now, I'll see if I can keep the paint on the figures and off the bases.

Incidentally, I may add a bit of static grass coming up through the concrete seams on a couple of the figures. But I'll add it after the figures are finished.

Last note: I'm happy with these bases. They're getting much easier to make. It used to be a chore; now, I enjoy rollin' up some greenstuff and throwing together a few bases. By the way, these are my first brick bases among these.

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  1. Very nice! I especially like the one with the rug; nice touch.