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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ghostbusters: Paranormal investigator No. 4

Here's the fourth investigator (not counting the specialists). This is Heresy's not-Dr. Who HSF027 Nerdlord figure. He was much easier to paint than the last two. Both the casting and sculpting were good. And since this figure is inspired by a specific personality, the sculpting was more caricature; this made for some more prominent lines, which in turn provided easier planes to brush the paint on.

I decided to make this figure a college professor (of parapsychology or the like). So I painted his shoes as tennis shoes (since he'd be walking all over campus) and the rest of his clothes as a hodge-podge (since he's not too fickle with his appearance; at least my college professors never seemed to be concerned with their appearance.)
Sonic screwdriver? No, it's his laser pointer. And a quick note: I personally like the brick base.

That leaves one last investigator and a couple of interns to paint up. I do have a figure I originally had intended on not using. He is the jock figure from Reaper Chronoscope's townsfolk: Students (50090). What am I going to do with a figure of a kid holding a football? I thought about it, and I came up with an idea. The first version of this idea was to substitute the football with a videocamera being held at his side. But it would be too difficult to scrape out the football and sculpt in a camera. The second version of this idea is to completely saw away his right arm and football while trying to preserve as much of the figure as possible, then sculpting an entire new arm holding the camera on his shoulder. This is a figure I would not otherwise use for anything, so I have nothing to lose by trying. Though, I will do the sculpting before I do the sawing. If the sculpt looks ok, I'll add and blend it into the figure later.

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