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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ghostbusters: Paranormal investigator No. 5

Here's the last Heresy-converted paranormal investigator in my collection (I have two more Reaper figures yet.) Since his hands were already engaged and couldn't be given any equipment, I decided to give him a pair of nightvision goggles. The color choice was pretty simple, I went with Foundry's Storm Blue for his pants and shirt (to mimic the blue of work clothes), and Bay Brown for the jacket. I didn't do any special mixes; I went with a basic three-layer process (though the jacket has a couple intermediary mixes of the bay brown.)

So I've painted all of my Heresy figures for this set. So I figure this would be a good point to take a group shot of the collection. All that's missing from this shot is the preacher, a couple of college interns (who need painting yet) and the ghosts which include a few ethereals, Frankenstein, a mummy (I might add another), my self-designed treyentacle, and Slimer- yes, THE Slimer- another custom job from a while back.

Click for a much larger image


  1. Who ya gonna call ?!?!?!

    These guys ....

    Looking awesome

  2. This group looks great! What rule set are you going to use with these guys?

  3. Right now, I'm just gonna use a modified version of Tusk.
    Maybe I'll try something from Two Hour Wargames. But, for now, I'm keeping to the solitaire-suitable rule sets since my friends aren't all that into minis gaming.

  4. Fantastic! They will be a treat to game with.

    Very inspiring work :)