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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ghostbusters: Paranormal investigator No. 3

Dr. who? Dr. of metaphysics at Arkham University, that's who. Here is another paranormal investigator to add to the ranks. He's the Malcom Ecclescake figure (HSF024) over at Heresy. I've converted his sonic screwdriver to be a microphone for his tape recorder (oh yeah, oldschool!) The tape recorder was made from a piece of cured-and-cut greenstuff, with a quick and dirty paint job. The strap and microphone cord are twisted lengths of copper wiring.

I'm trying to think of other ways to convert the other figures, though, I think the rest will do fine without any conversion. One figure, however, I have is, except for the pose, a duplicate of another (both Dr. "Hugh" figures from Heresy.) One, who is standing, will simply be a college professor for my little paranormal investigation team. The other, pulling something from his coat pocket, I think I will give a pair of nightvision goggles (like the ones seen on this ghostbuster.)

Next up, I have a priest and a psychic. Oh man, I just remembered I have a civilian from Steve Barber's gangsters range. She's a true 25mm, so would be much shorter than the rest of these guys: I'm thinking of the lady from "Poltergeist." You know, the one who says, "This house is clear." Though, the figure of the young woman with the miniskirt will work just fine. I'll dig that other figure out and take a look.

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