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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ghostbusters: Paranormal investigator specialists

Here are a couple specialists to work alongside the Ghostbusters; we have a priest and a psychic. The priest was pretty straightforward to paint: Black with a white color. Done.

I chose somewhat of a muted palette for the psychic-- I was originally going to go stereotypical pink for a young woman, but since this figure represents a psychic, I figured she would want to wear muted colors so as to not interfere with the surrounding psychic energy. (I dunno, do psychics do that?)

Both of these figures were difficult to paint for different reasons: The young woman is a great sculpt, but all the features are delicate and require a tiny brush and a steady hand. She would reward a great painter.
The priest figure, however, was a miscast and had a nasty line; I was able to clean it up, but the hand holding the cross (which was a separate piece) was also miscast and had a line through his fingers. It would have been next to impossible to fix, but I missed the line in the first place until I started painting. I wonder if Reaper (manufacturer of the priest figure) got a new caster? I've noticed a few of their newer figures with more and more mold lines (and more prominent mold lines) as well as figures where the mold has slipped (as is the case with the priest.) Oh well, it just means I need to purchase my figures at my FLGS so that I can see what I am purchasing before I purchase it. They just don't carry a lot, if any, of what I like to paint.

The woman is another figure from Heresy. The priest comes from Reaper's Chronoscope line.

Note: I tried a new lamp with the photo; I'm not sure if I like it. It makes the background a little to dark- I think I just forgot to change the light setting on my camera. But the darkness actually works with these figures, setting the right mood for the theme I'm painting.


  1. Unfortunately no; the closest I get to commission work is painting up a few figures for my friends for a few dollars.

    And the closest, otherwise, I'll get to making money from my figures is possibly by selling some of what I've already painted. That hasn't happened yet.

  2. I love your atmospheric painting style as well as the warmth of your photographs.