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Friday, April 29, 2011

54mm Qwik: Figures have arrived

Busy Qwik day on the blog today; just a couple hours after I finished my terrain, the figures arrived! Two days to ship- woo! That was all Bronzeage. Anyway, here they are in the raw. I'm a bit iffy on making chains in mid-swing, so my chain players will simply be standing there with the chains hanging from their hands, looking all bad-ass. I think this will work just fine given the general static poses of some of the figures.

I think I'll assign the figures into teams, painting the chains and drivers in the same color warpaint (red for one team, blue for the other). The qwiks, however, I think I'll paint up in black (or white or other alternative colored warpaint), so that players have a choice for their qwik (ie, they'll all be indy qwiks.)

Also, as promised, here is a pic of my field of play. The fabric is called VFF Suede and is a thick material that will resist "crinkling" up on the table easier than just regular cloth. It's thickness and softness will also protect the miniatures' paint jobs if the figures should get knocked over during gameplay. I use this material for most of my miniatures games.

This field has 4-inch movement zones and a one-inch border (just to give a little extra space around the edge.) The whole field is 22 inches by 30 inches, which will fit on most tables. Here, you can see the relative size of the figures with the field (as well as one of my pieces of terrain.)


  1. Great stuff! I will follow your progress with this - looks impressive :)

  2. Hei,

    got my printed rules and minis today.
    Only 4 days from america to norway, I'm impressed.

    Nice choice of minis you have, will order mine soon as well ;-)

    Have you started yet with the sculptwork?

  3. I haven't started sculpting yet. Just finished cleaning and preparing the figures today. I also put together a few weapons today (I'll post those later.)

    This is one of those projects where it's going to take some will power to get started with that first figure.

  4. It´s a joy to see new pictures of your cavemen (and cavewomen).

    BTW, I have listed you for the viral "Stylish Blogger Award", details here: