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Thursday, April 7, 2011

D&D Classes: Bard

This is Reaper's resculpt of Alfred Redlute (No. 3485). Bard, admittedly, is one of my least favorite D&D classes -- really? I'll play my music to win the day? -- That is why I did kind of like this sculpt, because it looks like Alfred is really trying to rock the house down despite his wuss-status of a character class. I made sure to play plenty of Zeppelin while painting this figure; the last brush strokes were applied during the Immigrant Song.

I'm enjoying this little D&D project. With only three figures left to finish, I'm going to start thinking about doing a base to hold the lot.

Quick snippets: My druid and warlock are still on their way. The sorcerer is started. I found the sculpt of my one missing figure that would complete the collection of figures that I have used as D&D characters in games I have played (The figure, by the way, is Sir Broderick, Reaper No. 14050). Along with him, I ordered Nord Kegbreaker, Reaper No. 65021 (the P-65 version.) I'm not a big hammer fan, so I'm going to try to replace his hammer with a scabbarded sword. I wonder if I have any scabbarded swords?
That's all I have for today!

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