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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reaper Dwarf: Nord Kegbreaker

This figure is Reaper's Nord Kegbreaker available as either the pewter version No. 2371 or the P-65 heavy metal version No. 65021. I got this figure because I've been wanting a good ole classic dwarf standing around drinking a brew. I've also returned to playing in a D&D game, so this figure will be my character. Since I enjoy playing sword and board fighters, the first thing I did was to remove the hammer from the original sculpt and replace it with a sword. The scabbarded sword is actually an extra bit from my 54mm gladiators. The character also has a shield, but I didn't think this sculpt could take a shield and still look good, so I'll just say that he uses his mug as his shield.

The colors were easy to choose; the name of my character is Guinness the Stout, so I used a Guinness bottle as inspiration for the colors. Simple enough. I also rolled up the character as an old, experienced fighter, one who has more smarts than brawn, hence the white beard.

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