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Friday, April 29, 2011

54mm Qwik: Terrain

While I wait for my figures to arrive, I banged out a couple pieces of terrain. The game doesn't actually use terrain rules. Movement is done by zones. I'll simply use these pieces to block one or two zones to add a little bit of variety to the game (as well as add to the visual appeal.)

Since I'm going 54mm, and each zone is required to hold 3 figures at most, I settled on 4-inch squares (I actually made myself a gridded playmat specifically for Qwik; I'll have to get a picture of that, too.) This size is perfect to fit CDs, hence, the CD bases. There is still some space on each disk in case I want to do a variant allowing figures on this terrain (and making it "difficult" or such. For now, I'll stick to "blocking.")

These are Tamiya 1/35 scale kits- oil and gas cans, and a kettenkrad. The glue hasn't dried yet on these; when it is, I plan to add some brown grass tufts and perhaps some more plant material/mold.

The rust was real easy and went plenty fast. It's just drybrushed/stippled layers of brown, brown+orange and brown+orange+light tan all applied with an old brush.

Among other things I'll need to make besides the actual figures are a couple stakes and a couple of dog skulls. For the skulls, I may see what prefab pieces companies have to offer, though I'm pretty sure I can make my own. I'm sure the price of ordering/shipping prefab will encourage me to make my own, anyway.


  1. Hei,

    nice progress so far.
    Like the terrain bases and very much the idea of making the teams in 54mm.

    For such an small sized game it's the right scale.
    have to say I'm tempted to order some generic 54mm minis from Bronze Age by my self and create a team.

    I've ordered the Qwik game on the day of it's release and waiting now for it, but, although these are pretty nice minis, 15mm is just not my scale.

    Will follow your projectwith pleasure ;-)

  2. That the game only requires 5 figures per team helped me decide to go 54mm. And BronzeAge's generic figures are sculpted enough that you don't need to do too much work to get them to look the part.

    I received my copy of Qwik yesterday! (Though, I've had the PDF for a few days.) I haven't played a game, but I've tried out a few examples of play, and the game already feels like it is going to b very fluid (and fun!)

  3. Got the pdf also a few days ago, but didn't had the time to read it yet.
    Will do it on the weekend.

    Bandit86 over at the LAF did some Juggers a while ago, using the 28mm generics from Bronze Age.
    But I'll also go for 54mm, thanks to you.

    Hope to play some games soon.
    There was a german boardgame in the 90's, called "Skull", with the same background, was also quite fun.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I have been following ( ok lurking) your blog for some time now and it's really inspiring.Therefore I have just taken the liberty and nominated you for the stylish blogger award I hope you don't mind...

    Cheers Sander at