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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Qwik 54mm: Husqvarna's finest

"Whether it's felling timbers, hunting zombies or playing in a pick-up game of juggers, the APOC 2100 should be YOUR chainsaw of choice. The APOC 2100 has teeth with POWER! Runs smooth, cuts fast. The APOC 2100 runs on refined petroleum, distilled spirits and process organics to guarantee YOU will never run out of fuel. APOC 2100, Pick one up at your local wasteland trader today!

*APOC 2100 emits deadly fumes. Always wear  APOC-brand safety masks when operating your APOC 2100. APOC-brand safety masks sold separately."

This is easily my favorite sculpt of all the Qwik figures I have so far. It's hard to not like a guy swinging a chainsaw around in a game that's really supposed to be nonlethal.

The chainsaw was easy to make: The blade is a piece of plasticard with teeth filed into it. The engine box is just a cube of greenstuff with a couple disks of greenstuff (cut from cured roll) glued onto the sides. The handles are all brass rod, and the wrappings just twine wrapped repeatedly.

This figure departs a little bit from the look of the team; I think he looks more like he belongs to the Macellos. Perhaps I'll get another figure to fill in the position and make this guy another freelancer. I mean freesawyer.

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